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Hey there everyone hope you are all having a great day and having a wonderful week so far in the new year! All right, so before the end of the year I had mentioned that I was going to start making some more posts on the things that I enjoy and really let you guys get to know me and keep up with the new things in my life! Something that you may not know about me is that I love watching anime! I have a few genres that I love to watch and they are: action/adventure, comedy, romance (more on the romcom side of things), fantasy, shounen, and fan service (because they are so funny to watch). I will write a few more posts and have a category dedicated to this for those of you who have asked on social media for it. Now, that you know I love that stuff I can say that I get an Akibento box and have a couple more coming with I will also do reviews on and in no way is this sponsored I just write about the stuff that I like so this is going to be my honest opinion! Also I am adding my link below because for every 4 people that get the box with my link I get a free box in the mail so that would be fun and much appreciated so that I can do more posts like this. ❤️

Now with that little bit of background that I gave you just now I would also like to say that I am writing this because I want to show you that I am not just my fertility or living healthy or business driven I am many different likes and dislikes that are all put together to make up who I am and I everyone to see that I am accepting of who I am and I want all of you to be as well. Okay, so now today is not really about anime it is about the fact that I got an Akibento subscription because I wanted to see what they were all about and what they had in their boxes for merchandise and the quality and all that.

Okay lets start with the shipping and ordering process. That part is pretty easy they have a set of 1,3, & 6 month options that you sign up to get when you want to order and they have the theme from the previous box on the site which is fun and you get to see what people got when they tag them on the main page of the site. The whole process is pretty straight forward and you can order any one of those options. I ordered the 3 month option and I will see if at the end of the 3 months I will reorder. I most likely won't because I just wanted to try it out and have wanted to for a while. The shipping was fairly fast but maybe that was because I managed to get into the site and order before the cut off date for that box. I am really not to sure about that but it was a nice surprise to get the box in the mail. I was super excited when it got here and I got to open it!

Now lets move on to the items in the box it self and this box of course had a theme and that was remix I believe because it can with a dj girl that was super cute! I am putting the pictures below so you can see what came in the box and I will go on to describe the quality and all that.

There were some goodies that were super cool and lots of fun to be able to get and have. As you can see from the pictures above it came with a few things and they were all first off good quality and felt like they were made really well. The manga was the first manga of fire force which I tried to read and also watch but just couldn't get into even though it is really action packed I really just couldn't get into it and I just didn't watch it anymore. The other anime and manga characters that were in the box were from AOT which I also just could't get into and I tried to read the manga and then when I just couldn't read that I watched the anime and got all the way to season 3 before I said nope just not for me so I really tried with both and just couldn't get into it. I just didn't vibe with the characters. The other items where what went with the theme for the box so if you like to collect figures then this is definitely going to be the box for you.

Now I only kept the figurine that when with the theme of the box which is the girl standing in the picture at the top of the post and the shirt cause I got it over sized which is how I love to wear my tee-shirts cause you know it is awesome! The rest of the items I gave to my niece who also loves anime and she loved all the things that came in the box so it was a win-win for me and this box and I am waiting for the next box anxiously! The items in the box are made really well and are made from good materials so nothing feels cheap not even the shirt it is so soft and comfy. I can't wait for the next box to come and I am hoping that it is a demon slayer box to be honest cause that would be loads of fun and I am waiting for the next season to come out and the last season is now dubbed so I might just watch it over again and see how the dubbed worked out. I am not sure but I think it will be either a demon slayer box or a violet evergarden box because both just had some new releases and the releases were not cheap from everything that I have read. I am not sure if other big projects have come out and with covid it has been able to stop so many projects so if you know of anymore projects that were really big in this world then let me know in the comments and I will gladly check them out. All in all I think this was a great thing to buy and at the very least a great way to distract myself from all the craziness in the world at the current moment that has been turned up all the way to a billion! 😒

That's just my opinion though so you know just saying and everyone is allowed to have their own opinion and that is okay. I am going to start writing more no the things that interest me like movies, tv, anime, fashion, books, cooking, etc.. I want you guys to know more sides of me and get to know that there is more to someone then just the couple of things that you see! I will plan out some more posts about stuff like that and I hope that you guys like it! Well, I hope that you guys remember that you all rock and are wonderful souls! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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