Hey there everyone hope you are all having a great day and great week. Today I am going to be talking about the anime that I like to watch and what I am really into now. If you know me then you know that I love to watch anime and yes I am an adult but that does not mean that I can't watch whatever I want. If you like anime or what ever you like then like and do not let anyone shame you or try to shame you for liking what you like or don't like. People think that they can do that to anyone so long as they have an opinion that is not like yours. I have heard the comment, "well you know they like anime right!?" or "so you are otaku right cause you know..." and I don't think that either of those comments were meant to make me feel bad but they still caught me off guard and made me feel embarrassed back in the day which makes no sense and cause I should be able to like what I like and not feel bad about it.

Well, anyway that is just what I think and that is view on the matter so long as I am not hurting someone then it should matter to anyone what I like to watch. All of this brings me to what I am writing about today and that is what I like to watch and what I am looking forward to watching. Lets get right to it with the kind of anime that I like to watch and that is any that fall under these genres: adventure, fantasy, comedy, rom-com, and action! I love those kinds that can keep me laughing and really entertained. I have found that I really have to like the anime if not then I will just stop watching it and I really do try to watch anime that I have gotten bored of in the past. I like to really try but if I do get bored then I look for the manga and read how it ends and don't bother reading the whole thing. I know that is crazy but that is just how I go about it! I really love when an anime peak my interest early on in the story and keep my interest cause if not well you the boredom starts to creep in.

All right, so that brings me to the anime that I am watching right now and if you do not like them please be kind and just respect that and know that we have different tastes in things and we are each our own person. Lets start with the ones that I am watching right now:

1. Black Clover

I love it and it is so funny! I am watching this on Funimation cause it has the dubbed version. I really enjoy the characters even though the main character is over powered he has an optimistic view on life even though he knows it is hard for him and life is not fair he doesn't let that stop him and he able to get things done no matter how hard it is for him. I love that about Asta the main character cause he makes me remember that even things get hard I shouldn't give up and I love it plus he is hilarious. Genres: action/adventure, comedy, fantasy.

2. Demon Slayer

I love this one cause it is so good! I am watching it on Funimation and now it is on Netflix which is fun. I love it! It is so good and it is so fun to watch and I think Tanjiro and Nezuko but I do like the supporting characters too. I don't know it is just a great set of characters and I really love all of them. I am waiting to watch the movie and the next season. It is so action packed and really funny when the boys are talking and really getting into the story which give it so much substance. I just love it so much! Genres: action/adventure, fantasy, comedy.

3. That time I got reincarnated as a slime

This anime is so funny! I watch it with my niece and we sit there and laugh so much when we are watching it and the story is pretty fun to watch and get into too. It is so much fun to watch! I love Rimuru! He is my favorite character and he is because he is so sarcastic and real with his situation and just makes the best of all that he has going on. It is a fun and cute anime to watch! Genres: action/adventure, comedy, fantasy.

4. 7 deadly sins

I am really digging this one and it is on Netflix! I am loving the story cause this is one of the Animes where I read the manga and still want to watch the anime as well. I usually don't want to do that once I do one or the other. I really enjoy the story and Netflix is doing a great job with the art and animation of the story. I highly recommend! There is something for almost everyone at least I think so. Genres: action/adventure, comedy, dark comedy, fantasy, romance


Now lets get this one through I am sure that you have heard of this one and if you haven't then I would give it a try I got sucked in when I started watching and I just really enjoy seeing the story unfold and deal with the themes that you wouldn't think were in an anime like lying and manipulation. Its crazy how everything gets put into the anime. I really enjoy this one too! Genres: action/adventure, comedy, violence, fantasy.

There you go these are the ones that I am watching for now till new seasons or new anime come out and I find something new that I want to watch! I really enjoy unwinding with a show that I like to watch now anime is not all I watch I watch lots of other stuff like movies and tv shows and all that and I might do a post on that later but for now this is what I am watching and it is really nice being able to share this with your guys and I am happy that I get too. Now there are a few Animes that I loved watching and am willing to rewatch are as follows:

Code: Realize (Guardian of Rebirth), Ouran High School Host Club, Fairy Tail

There are some more but right now these are all I can think of, maybe I will think of a genres list or something but for now that is all! I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you enjoy the same kinds of anime I hope you found some new ones to watch. Thank you for coming back and spending time with me. Always remember that you are amazing with a wonderful soul. Till next time!


Silvia T.

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