Budgeting for the holidays!

Hey there everyone hope you are having a great day and staying healthy and safe! I know that the holidays are a hard time of year. Its hard for so many reasons because you are trying to juggle family and get togethers and being so busy with business and food and gifts and money especially! Today, I wanted to get into the budgeting part of it for what you need to pay for when it comes to get togethers or gifts or even bills. Things are easier or at least that is how I feel when I am able to budget my money and not have to worry myself as much about money especially this year! I mean 2020 has been one hell of a year and now we are throwing in the chaos of the holidays!

Here is how I start doing this and to be honest it is not that hard. Okay, so it is my secret is I start putting away $20 every week or every 2 weeks. That's it to be honest and when it comes to the holidays so that I can just get the extra that I am going to need since I make lots of food for my family for the most part. I mean I love to cook and have gotten in to baking this year so definitely looking forward to that this year. Now this is what I have usually done but this year has been very different for all of us and so I took it out to just once a month and I put away $40 which is really helpful for the coming holidays. I think that for me that makes the most sense and works best for the situation that we are in right now. Its not much but it is something that you can use and not have to be super stressed out just regular stressed out.

Now with how the year has been going you are probably saying that I am crazy and you cannot possibly and for the most part I think we are able to save the money with things that we have been forced to do this year and those are things like: eating at home, if you are able to work make lunch at home, only buy what you need not things that are luxuries like that expensive sweater that you don't need in the summer. Now you are wondering if you have just started to save some money for the holidays is it to late and I have to say no it is not. I would say try to save anything you can in cash each week and if you start buying gifts ahead of time then you can save with the deals that are going on. You can also do baking gifts or DIY gifts like: making cookies and giving them as gifts or making pies and giving them or if you are good with crafts then going on Pinterest and making something out of the crafts materials you can get or find laying around. Pinterest has tons of ideas and they are great for doing things like that and if you have kids then they are also good for the kids to give gifts they make and are proud of when it comes to giving something. I am going to put out a list of gifts and how to after this post so you have an idea if you aren't able to buy lots of presents this year! For the holidays which is something that we do in on one side of the my family and that is that we do secret Santa when it comes to the adults in the family and just buy the kids gifts.

That is always a good option, so that is something to think about too and its not a hard idea to get behind especially this year! Well, I hope that you all like the post and as for me I am so beyond grateful that you all keep stopping to read my posts and you are all amazing and wonderful! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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