Character Brainstorm!

Hey there everyone hope you are all doing well today and hope that your month so far has been great! I also hope that you are all staying healthy and safe! Okay, so as you know from my last post I started writing again! I am back to writing stories and I am totally loving it. I have always wanted to write but I was always told that my abilities as a writer were not that great and I finally said screw you guys I am going to do what I want and that is that. Today I am writing the post that I promised in the last one and I hope that you guys if you want to write then this helps give you some ideas. I am going to be writing about how I create my characters for my stories. The picture above is a picture that I found and yes I stock pictures because why not, but the picture is kind of how my mind works when I am writing a character and there is a lot of brainstorming that happens when I start to create the character themselves.

I will say this I like to make the character as real as possible because I figure if you can imagine the character in reality then you can imagine the character going through the adventure they are going to go on and you somehow become very invested in what happens to them. I feel at least when I know what they look like I start to really get into the story and want to know what happens. When I am done with their looks I flesh out their personality and their age. I like to relate it to things that I know so I take good and bad qualities that I think might make the character more real when you read them. Yes, I also write bad qualities into the characters because if not then they are not as real as you would think. Then I give them a back story and write that all out and build a story off of what I gave them as a backstory. I do this for each character so a lot of time goes into building the characters and then I build the story off of what I have on there. I know there are probably better ways of creating characters or you may think well duh this is how you create characters in the first place but I still wanted to share my process and I am doing this because this is my place to write about what I love.

I hope that you can use some of this if you want to write and the process of fleshing things out is not just for characters in stories or the stories it self but I also use that process with my blog and how I write out my posts and depending on how I think the post is going I can elaborate or go by my notes when I write a post. I just wanted to say that this approach may not work for everyone cause you know what works for one person may not work for another. I do have to say however if you find something that works for you stick to it no matter what anyone says because that is your way and that is just fine for you. I hope that by seeing this post and the last one you guys really do get into what ever it is that you want to try and still haven't. I mean who cares what people say it is a bright new day and you are able to get things done for your life if you want to, you just have to try. I wanted to write so I write and I am happy doing it cause it is some thing for me and it is a passion for me. I hope that you guys don't quit on your dreams and you always make things happen for you and don't let anyone stop you or discourage you.

I let that happen to me for so long and now that I said screw that I am finally able to see that my ideas do have value and can bring the world some joy because I finally have confidence in myself. That is what it is all about in my opinion. I hope that you guys do that for yourselves as well. Okay well that is it for today and I just have one more thing to say don't let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do you are amazing and wonderful and creative and you should bring joy to the world with your gifts. You are awesome and don't you forget it. Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it and don't forget to check out my story on Dreame Bonded Fate. The reads really help me out! Thanks so much guys! Till next time.


Silvia T.

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