Christmas gifts on a budget!

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hey there everyone I hope you are all having a great day and staying safe and healthy! Okay, now this is the post that I had promised you in my last post and I have found some easy DIYs and cheap gift ideas as well but even though that is the notion behind this post I will also add how to dress up your gifts and make them heartfelt as well. I hope this helps you guys since I know that everyone has had a rough year and we are all just trying to get through it and now we are adding the chaos of the holidays onto it.

Okay, so lets start with the gifts and here are just a few things that you can do and I am adding them in here because I have had few years in the past where I was so broke that I could not buy presents for anyone so I would do what I could with what I had which is nothing to be embarrassed about trust me. I see you and you are doing amazing!

Gift ideas:

#1: just writing a letter and sending it off! Now you maybe thinking that this idea is super cheap you could never but trust me a handwritten note to someone you love means more then you can think because now in days that is not something people do and since that is the case it really means a lot to people. Write a letter to the people you love and tell them what is going on with you and that you love them and wish for them to have an amazing holiday!

#2: bake cookies and give them as gifts! This is a great one since the cookie mix that you can find to give to people is really cheap and most of the time you have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already. You buy the cookie mix and follow the instructions and buy some plastic wrap and a roll of red ribbon and give those as gifts with a note and all done. Also we have to note that you can now find cookie mix that abides to a certain dietary need so that is always great!

#3: design and bake mugs from the dollar tree. Now this one is great if you have a lot of people to give stuff too and you can use it with the two options from above and they are really easy and simple and you can do it with any mug and a sharpie which is easy to get. I will add a link here to a video that I found super helpful and I used these when I got married since I had the time and had so many gifts for the bridal part to give out. The video is from a page called StyleNovice they have some good ones on there and really great ideas for gifts!

#4: make a survival kit for Christmas from things like instant coffee or candy bars that are not super expensive and were left over from halloween with the candy bars cause lets be honest this year the whole trick or treating thing was a no go for most of the people that I talked to and they opted for an at home party instead. Use what you have some of and that can really cut costs and make great little specialized gifts that make people happy and show you were trying and thinking of them.

#5: make pasta for everyone for dinner. Now this is another one that is close to my heart and this is because I have done this before in the past when I was broke and had to choose between paying rent or buying groceries. Needless to say that I paid rent and made due with what I had at home. All I had was pasta and sauce and I said well I am making a dish for everyone as my gift and writing letters to everyone. Everyone loved my pasta and was just happy that I could be there with them and all really loved the card because I wrote them specifically for that person.

Those are my gift ideas on a budget and to me they are pretty easy and budget friendly because I have done them all when I had to live off of Ramen and live pay check to pay check like most are now. Times are hard and things are unknown right now but there is hope at the end of the tunnel and if you are not able to do any of these then simply show up and talk to the people that you love. Just being there especially this year is very important.

Okay, so I did say that I was going to add in how to make your gifts a little spruced up with a couple of easy tips. Which are: boxes around the house, blank gift bags that you may have left over, dollar tree wrapping, cellophane wrap and some cheap ribbon of your choice, or even just giving it like that with some tissue paper in side the gift and making it look cute for the person.

Well that is all that I have for this one and I hope that you guys found this post helpful and remember that you are all amazing and wonderful and I am so grateful that you all come back and read my posts. Thanks again everyone. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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