Clomid: Round 2! Let's do this!

Hey guys! I hope you are having a great day so far and I hope that you guys are getting lots of things done while we are at home! I hope that you all have an easy time getting through this and are really trying to help by staying home and practicing self-distancing.

Okay, so today I can finally say that we are going through a second round of Clomid and currently I am on day 3 and this will be posted after I am done with my pills! This round has been easier for me with the mood swings I am just so tired and really not able to stay awake. It's almost at the exhaustion level that I had when I was pregnant in the past. I am trying to stay motivated but it is hard to want to do anything when I so little energy! I hope that this cycle helps us get pregnant. Other than the fact that I am so tired, the only other thing that has come up in terms of symptoms is a little bit of cramping. Those are the only symptoms that I have this time around. We are hoping that this time we do end up pregnant so that we can finally have that second pregnancy that we have been trying to have for so long.

Last time we did a trigger shot after the pills to make me ovulate and then my doctor had us do an IUI. What is that you may ask, well that is an Inter Uterine Insemination which comes out to IUI! The first round did not work but I don't see it as a waste because now I know that my body responds well to the Clomid and I now know that I make more eggs on my right side and not very much on my left side. I feel more confident about this cycle since it will be on my right side I believe but in any case I am much more hopeful anyway. This is going to be a exhausting cycle and I hope that we can finally say that we are pregnant. Keeping our fingers crossed for that BFP (big fat positive) this month! All right until next time cause I am so tired right now I just want to get some sleep. 😂 See you guys on the next one!


Silvia T.

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