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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey there everyone! I hope that you guys are all having a great day and really getting along okay in this hard time. Okay, so I did a post about a couple tricks that help me stay inspired, but I feel like creating content is a monster all on its own. Content creation is hard and still it is something that most of us know and like to do because it is so challenging. I know the struggle, trust me.

Okay, I want to give you a couple pointers and get you ready to use this as your tool to figure out your own style. That is the key to meaningful content creation. If it means something to you then it will mean something to everyone else because people like to be able to relate to what you are putting out there. I like to put out content that means something to me deep down in my soul. I do that with all the things that I do like my stories, blog, and social media. I have learned how to put out the ideas that I want to get out with ease now that I have a grasp on who I am. I am an independent woman who is a wife and a feminist and a dog mom and sister, daughter, cousin, niece, granddaughter, and business woman along with much, much more! I wear many hats in my life and it is a blessing in my eyes because through that I have found who I am as a person and what I believe in and my values and where I stand on everything. I have taken so many things from everything I learned and I am still learning and mashed them up to create my own style.

My style of content is whatever I am feeling at the moment and having the words that I write come from the heart. I find that it resonates with people a lot more if I do that. Besides doing that I think if I had to classify my style of creating content it is a mix between boho, chic, casual, expensive (at times), spiritual, and holistic. If you can picture that then I think that you can picture how I like to create my content. I also am getting back to taking pictures for my content creation I am going to be putting them up so that everyone can check them out as well and get up to date on everything that is happening in my life at the moment. I have to say the way that I figured out my style is that I tried a bunch of things and failed a lot of things that I tried and that is how I learned. I have had success in things, but I learn more I feel for the things that I have failed at in my life.

All right, so you all read that I mentioned pictures and that pertains to my social media like Instagram or Pinterest or here on the blog. I like to look at pictures from other creators for inspiration but in the end it is whatever I am feeling that day and that gives me the freedom to post whatever I would like to post and really keep things going with my flow. I know that I have been slacking, but I needed a break and I have really been enjoying creating again so that is something you guys are going to see more of from now on. I love being able to share who I am with the world because that means that people who fall in the same boat as me are going to know they are not alone! I think that creating content is a beautiful way to express yourself and really is an art in itself. I love it so much for that reason. Well, I hope that you all find this a bit helpful in finding your way to create your own brand of content. Final thought: find the things you are passionate about and bring it to life and show others your authentic self there is someone out there that is going to resonate I promise. Well, that is all I have for today! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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