Dream getaway: fall edition!

Hey there, everyone hope you are all having a great day and are staying healthy and safe. It is that time to bundle up and stay warm now or at least that is how it is feeling like in Southern California. Today I am talking about my dream getaway for fall that will not happen this year but probably in the next couple of years. Okay so I would love to getaway for fall to a couple of places but I think that my all time dream would have to be Japan in fall.

I have a few reasons for this and of course one of them being Japan itself! I love the Japan and would love to visit one day. I plan to visit one day as well as some other countries as well. For now though, lets just talk about Japan! I absolutely love Japan and would love to visit in the spring and in fall and that is because in spring there is cherry blossoms it is just beautiful from the pictures in spring but in the fall all the leaves just change color and I would love to go up to the northern side of the country and just stay at a mountain inn and onsen or stay in Tokyo as well which has some really amazing areas! They look so stunning in pictures in the fall. Now that you know that I am also going to say that I love history specifically ancient history and being able to a country that is so rich in history would be amazing and I would definitely love to see the sights of temples and go on some kind of tour that is full of history. Now if I knew the country better and spoke the language I would love to also take a drive down to Okinawa and just be able to stay in such a beautiful place with so much history. I also love the food and getting to explore a whole brand new place with my hubby would be the best thing ever for us.

We love to explore when we travel and just get out there and immerse ourselves in the culture of the place we are staying and do things that get us out there and finding new things in the area and learning something new and amazing. That would be dream getaway in spring or in fall for me and I do plan to visit someday and when I do I hope you guys are still here to tag along with us! Well, that is all I have for this post I know that it was short but I mean what else can I say but I do plan to travel when we get the chance and just discover new and amazing things! Thanks for joining me for another new post and you rock and are so amazing! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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