Easy Mom OPKs Review!

Hey there everyone! Hope you are all staying cool in this heat and if you are not on the west coast of the states then I hope you are having a glorious day! Okay so, today you probably guessed as to what I am going to write about in you are in the world of fertility, I.E. you are trying to get pregnant or work in the medical field or something of that nature, but if you are just starting out then you are probably over whelmed with it all and just want a place to start, or maybe you are just reading this to read it. What ever the case is welcome and I hope you enjoy this one! Also I have to put a disclaimer on here that this is not a paid post or anything this is just to help people with an honest review of the OPKs to help you choose what works right for you.

All right so lets get started! Let's start with what easy mom opks are and that is easy this is what the entire name would be with out the acronym: easy mom ovulation prediction kits! See told you real easy and now that you know what they are lets get into a short run down of what they do. They help you predict your optimal window for fertilization, translation be time for you to have some baby making time and get that big fat positive (BFP). I have found that these are very helpful to narrow down when you have to time all these things that play a huge part in having a baby.They also come with a QR code so that you can download the app and use it in tandem with the tests because you take pictures of the tests (I recommend turning on the flash first and do that before you point the camera at the test) and the app measures the test result for you and keeps track of your cycle automatically. Here is a quick guide on how you use them: first off I would buy some plastic cups like the ones they have for water at the doctors office and set up a small area in your bathroom that you can reach from your toilet while you are sitting down and that way everything is easily accessible. Once you have your set up done then you are ready to go so, second you grab a cup and pee in it and then unwrap the dipstick from the foil and dip it all the way down to the max line. I usually count to 20 and then pull it out and that seems to work really well and then I leave it on a couple squares of toilet paper and let the stick do its thing and then I go about the rest of my morning routine. (Also pro tip so your trash can doesn't stink like pee is throw the pee in the toilet before you flush and then rinse the cup out with hot water and then throw it away.)

Now that you know how to use them here is how I feel about them. I have to say that they have helped me get to know my cycle even more and that is saying a lot cause I have been in this fertility sphere for the last 5 years now. I learn more and more each day. I do like them since they are pretty easy to use and easy to read since you use them with the app that you download. It's easy to keep a record with the app so I don't have to worry about figuring out if I am getting closer to my ovulation day or it is go day. I like them and they are actually a find on amazon for me. They range from $8-$14 USD for just the ovulation tests and then you can also get the bundle of ovulation tests and pregnancy tests which goes for about $26 USD and it is helpful because that is the one that I started with and I have only just refilled it. I refilled it because I test twice a day after my 9th cycle day until two days after my ovulation peek. I needed to get to know my cycle better since we are going natural from now on so that is why I got the bundle kit and it has worked great! I find it really easy and since my app keeps track of the tests for me so that takes off my plate so that is something that I love! I think for something that I need to keep using when I do have to refill it is well priced as well and easy. I have been using them for like 4 months now and I didn't want to do a review right away until I knew how I felt about them and how they really worked. I can say that this was a great buy for me and it was kind of a no brainer to take the guess work out of my OPKs. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is having to use OPKs and is really tired of having to guess with the lines and when your exact baby making window is and all that stuff.

Well that is all I have for this post and I hope that this was helpful for anyone that needed help with this and I hope that you all learned a couple tips from me. Well thank you for coming back and as always have a great day and you guys rock. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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