Easy Snacks!

Hey there everyone hope you are all having a great day and week so far and you are all staying healthy too! I am hoping to give you guys some ideas for snacks cause during this time of year you are entering the holidays and lets be honest I am no saint or hard core diet person I have food that I know I shouldn't as well and stuff that my body does not do well with and does not like too. I am just try to make healthier choices when I am eating and hope that these are choices that you enjoy as an alternative so you can eat all that candy or turkey or whatever it is you have during this time of year!

All right, so as you know if you have been with me for a while I do not follow a hard core diet I just try to balance out my portions and eat as healthy as possible. With that said I eat many mini meals through out the day and 2-3 big meals as well. I have snacks on a daily basis and they are easy snacks as well cause lets just be honest this girl is busy and sometimes lazy so I want something fast. I have 4 snacks that I like to go to and they pretty easy. My first one is I like to have hummus with some peppers they are so good! That is pretty easy right all I do is put a small amount of hummus on my plate and cut up a few sweet peppers and done! Okay, pretty easy so far the second one is I have pre-sorted fruit from when I do my meal prep for the whole house. Easy enough I have them with tea or water. The third I have apples with some peanut butter, now with this one you can change the nut butter to what ever you want. I cut the apple up in to parts and take out the core of course and then put a spoonful of peanut butter on my plate and dip my apples in that. See all pretty easy so far and pretty healthy except for the peanut butter one if you aren't careful you can put to much peanut butter on your plate. Lets face it I am very much guilty of this because its so good!

The last one is not really a snack but I do not consider it a meal so I call it a snack and that is a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. I have this usually with a glass of water which I know doesn't sound appetizing but that is what I like so eh...but I really like to have this when I need more then a snack and not a meal just yet. That is it and trust me limiting myself to those does help because during fall I tend to eat a lot and that means I start to pack on the pounds and that is not healthy for you when you want to get pregnant. I do my best to eat healthy and I do fall off that wagon but I get back up and eat healthy again and I do my best to work out as well which plays a big factor for me. Well I hope that this gave you some more choices for snacks to help you not over eat. Well you guys rock and you are amazing! Till next time.


Silvia T.

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