Everyday makeup fun!

Hey there everyone I hope that you are all having a beautiful morning and staying healthy! All right so today you can probably guess what I am going to be talking about today and that is my everyday makeup and morning routine before I put on my makeup! I start everyday after I work out and shower and all that good stuff! This is not a sponsored post and I simply am doing a post on the things that I use and love in my life! Thanks all and lets get to it! ❤️

I love to do my makeup after I do my skin care because I do not like using primer all the ones that I have tried have not reacted well to my skin and I am really sensitive so I have not found one that works for me and I like. That is why use my skin care as my primer. I go through my whole routine to have as many layers between my makeup and my skin as possible and yes I will be putting up a routine for my skin care but not just yet because I added a product to my routine and I want to see how my skin reacts to it. Anyway I digress, after my routine is done I start with my foundation and the foundation that I like to use is the Loreal 24 hour pro-matte infallible in color 107 fresh beige and I use a brush to apply my foundation and I only put a thin layer on my problem areas. I then do my conturing I use a the bronzer from Cover Fx in shade sun kissed and to lighten and brighten I use shape tape for that and for my under eyes and use shade 22B light beige. I use a brush to blend all of that and then I put a thin blush on my cheeks and that blush is from ELF and I am not sure of the shade since it doesn't say but it is a rose pink color. When all this is done I use a setting powder from Cover Fx that I lightly brush on all over my face.

From there I move on to my eyebrows and I use the Anastasia brow wiz in color dark brown and I try to keep them as natural as possible but I do like them thicker then I did in the past because it suits my face better. I do a simple eye shadow that blends into my skin well and I use pallets from Juvia's for that which I absolutely love! The colors are so pigmented! They are so gorgeous! I do a lip to pull the look together and I do that with a matte lip from Morphe and the color just depends on the mood I am in and sometimes I just put on chapstick with a pink tint and leave it at that. 💋 Then of course my last step is setting spray from Tarte and it is called stay spray. That is it for my easy everyday make up and I do this as a daily makeup and of course on days when I am doing something it changes and I love to play with the colors. I want to remind everyone that I have very sensitive skin and I only use things that are super light on the skin and do not cake or create an environment that can give me black heads or cystic acne. It is very painful when I get cystic acne so I am very careful with what I put on my face. Well I hope you all enjoyed this and you try some of these products out and again this is not a sponsored post and most of my stuff I get at Ulta except for the bronzer it is from the Cover Fx site and I have added the links for all that on here! Well that is it for today and as always you guys rock and you are amazing! Till next time!

XOXO Silvia T.

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