Everyone's Favorite Subject: Getting healthy! Part 1

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Alright, so I am sitting here and watching Blue Planet on the BBC America and I decided to write a post. I wanted to talk about everyone most favorite subject ever and that is Fitness!!! Did you guess that one? If you did then you guessed right. (It was in the caption so I hoped that helped! ;-D) Well anyway, I wanted to talk about some easy ways to get into a healthier state with your body. There are a few things that I have learned on my fitness journey. I am striving to stick to the plan that I have set out for myself. I am going to start by working out again and keeping my eating habits cleaner until I make it all the way back to eating a vegetarian style diet. There are a few other things that I want to do with my health and involving health as well.

I have already started doing a couple things with my health and that goes to helping others with their health as well. I want to start doing things like that because everyone needs help to get on their way. I started a group chat with some of the women that I know are trying to conceive and get into a healthy weight class so that they can conceive easier. Trying to conceive is a hard road to travel because planning a pregnancy does not work for the majority of women. Trying to conceive (TTC) is an emotionally, mentally, and physically draining process and that is why it is good to have a support system outside your significant other (SO) because it makes going through all of this so much easier.

You maybe wondering what that has to do with fitness, well that is how I started getting back into fitness. I started to look for natural ways to get back to a healthy weight and try my hardest to make healthy choices with my food. Food is such a big part of your health journey and really it is where most of the work is done when you are trying to get into or back into a healthy weight. It is said that it is 80% food and 20% exercise, which I happen to think is true since when I eat a vegetarian diet I feel better and shred inches quicker as well. I pair good eating habits with working out and it works super quick for me. I work out as much as I can and that will leave at the minimum 3-4 times a week. Alright, lets not keep bouncing around with all this, lets just take one thing at a time shall we...let me start with (drum roll please): FOOD!!!!

Okay, so now that we all know that food is the biggest part of getting healthy we have to figure out a good way to go about getting into those healthy eating or clean eating habits. When people ask me how they should start I always say the same thing just start off with something that is manageable. DO NOT go on any crash diets because they DO NOT work and here is why because the minuet that you stop doing that diet you end up eating things that you have been depriving your body of and start to eat them and gain back the weight that you lost in the first place. You end up back where you started and this is not me ragging on anyones diet it is simply the truth. Unless, you plan to always stay on that diet for the rest of your life you may not want to start something like that and that is something that you can ask any professional in the fitness industry. They will tell you that the best way to control what and how much you eat is by meal prepping and portion control because those are the 2 most effective ways to start eating better. Now, I am not saying that you have to go out and buy yourself a scale to measure out your food because that is way to much work and lets face it we are all too busy for that! I sure as hell know I don't have time for that. I just try to always pick the healthier option and do my best to portion my food as much as I can. I also drink as much water as I can. The water I drink is also not usually cold it is room temperature water or hot water with lemon and honey. That is how I try to keep up my diet.

Well, I think that now is the best time to cut this post off and write a second post. I think that post will be of what I usually eat in a day when I am trying to eat cleaner and what I do my best to cut out like junk food. Also more about my water intake and how I go about things. For now I will talk to you guys later. Till next time!


Silvia Thomas

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