Everyone's Favorite Subject: Getting Healthy! Part 2!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Alright, everyone, this is part 2 of Getting Healthy Part 1. I wanted to go into more detail with what I eat now that I told you how I eat! This is what I try to eat on a daily basis. Vegetables, rice, fruits, tofu, turkey, chicken, fish, beans, tortillas, homemade dinner and lunch and I also try to snack on healthy snacks. I also drink black coffee and room temp water or hot water with lemon in it. I work really hard to be healthy.

I love being able to eat the burger and all that when I feel like it but for the most part I try to eat plant based and that goes with meat too! I try to eat plant based meat and if that is not an option then I try to eat turkey burgers or I also eat protine style burgers which is pretty good. I have found ways around eating the food you like and it still being a healthier option. I am also now on a diet to improve my fertility as directed by my doctor and it is no sugar and no carbs. I have noticed that carbs are my main food source and if I want to get healthier then I do need to curb that as much as possible so that I can drop down to a healthy weight. I have worked really hard to get to where I am now and to be honest I think I am getting to where I should be so that I can convince. I am going to be doing this for 3 weeks and see how things go with my weight and how I feel with my body. I have to listen to my body and I mean really listen to my body. No short cuts or tricks just keep my diet in check and enjoy my one cheat day on Sundays. I hope that this helps me get healthier and really does help us conceive. My husband and myself are both on the same diet but he gets to have two cheats days instead of one. Which if you think about it makes sense and gets you to the point where you need to be at!

Alright, this was a short one but I would like to take this time to ask you guys something. What do you eat in a day? Is it helping you get to your health goal? Is it helping you get to the goals that you set for your self for the year? What would you like to see your diet help you with? What would you like to change about your diet? What are you doing to get there?

Well since we all know that 80% of getting healthy is what you are putting into your body and how much you are putting into your body. Remember that calories are not bad they are just measures of heat that we use to fuel our bodies. You just have to know how to put as many calories in your body as it needs so that it can work at top performance. Okay, that's all for today, so till next time amazing people.


Silvia Thomas

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