Fall date ideas at home 😊

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Hey there everyone hope you are all having great day and staying safe and healthy! I am doing what I can an really just doing what I can for my family and staying healthy and having fun. Okay, so today I am going to give you some ideas for fall date ideas that you can do at home without the worry of going out or spending so much money and making it super cozy for you and your significant other! I will go over a few things that can be used for all these date ideas. Okay so lets get to it.

Okay, so lets talk about what is going on this year because we can't just act like it isn't happening and that is Covid-19, which is the inspiration to how we have had date night for the majority of the year. I would say that we eat in more than going out now and we have just gotten use to that. I love to cook so we go to the grocery store and we cuddle up in the living room and treat it like a picnic date for the most part. If we are in a different mood then we will make it into a morning coffee and muffin or bagels date in bed. This makes things cozy and really doesn't cost us an arm and a leg to do which is something that I am sure everyone will love. I would say that if you have some battery candles and want to make it a special and sweet and fun date night then I would definitely make pasta because it is quick and cheap as well as easy. Then toss a salad with your favorite dressing or vinaigrette and croutons or tortilla strips and crispy onions (which are super good and I love them). Then get your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink and put it in a fancy glass then lay out a blanket or something with a few pillows and some place mats so you don't spill and put on some romantic music on your phone or tv and wait for your significant other to come home.

Another great idea is to go to your favorite restaurant and order your food and if you can find a drive-in theater then take your food and eat while you watch a movie. Super easy and not as expensive as everyone would think. Now if you are okay with going out then I would definitely say that going to one of you favorite restaurants and just have a social distancing dinner and then go for a walk with a hot drink. That is always a fun thing to do. Now there are some games you can play when you want to just stay in and not risk it and they are games like sequence (which is fun with a nice glass of wine if your are me) or any other board games or you can play card games. Then again you can always just talk, which we do and we have a blast and completely lose track of time when we are just having a great conversation. Now, you can go on hikes or even go to a Christmas tree lot since those will start to show up soon with a cup of coffee and a nice bundled up OOTD.

Well, that is all that I wanted to write and honestly I just really wanted to give you a few ideas of what you can do when we are still stuck at home and are trying to social distance for our own health and safety. I hope this gave you guys some easy and cheap date ideas as well as the traditional one that we are all use to. I hope you guys enjoyed todays post and put to use the ideas that I listed out! I hope you all know that you are all amazing and incredible and thanks for coming back to join me for a new post. Till next time.



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