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Hey there everyone hope you are having a great afternoon and staying healthy! Today I am going to be talking about my Fall/ Winter hair routine. Now I like to have natural plant-based products. That being said I also love going to see my hair dresser and have her do one of her amazing treatments on me. I am also pretty laid back and sometimes even a bit lazy when I comes to fixing up my hair and I will just throw it in a cute top knot, messy bun, or some sort of ponytail. I usually like to keep things simple when I do my hair. I love for my hair to air-dry and that is because of the air-dry cream that I use and the curly hair girl method as well. Well, anyway lets get into the simple routine that I use! I also have to say that this is not a sponsored post in anyway and I just write posts on the things that I absolutely love and use all the time and all my products are from Modern Nature.

Okay, let's start with wash day and that day is usually a few steps. Okay first step is I part my hair down the middle and then I brush it. Once I have done that and everything I get into the show and I make sure that the water is warm not hot then I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo which works wonders on my hair. I leave that in for a couple minutes while I do all my other things like shaving my legs in the shower and an easy way to do this is leave it in for one part of your leg and then wash it out. I then do a second round of clarifying shampoo and finish the rest of my first leg then I wash it out. After that I go in with the renew shampoo. I finish the thigh area of my other leg and then wash it out and finally go in with my Intense repair conditioner. (Now, before we go any further all these products are plant-based and I use intense repair because of all the damage that I have done to my poor hair over the year with dying it and bleaching it and styling it!) That I put on the middle of my hair to the ends. (I will mention that if you have greasy/normal hair like I do at the root you should not be putting conditioner on the root and if you have dry hair that needs moisture then you can do it but I would ask your hair stylist about that one.) I finish shaving my other leg and wash it out.

When I get out of the shower then I dry it with a tee shirt cause I haven't gotten around to buying a special hair towel and I make sure that I let the tee shirt soak up all the water that it can before putting in my products. Once that is done I put in my air-dry cream and this I apply at the root which works for my hair and again you have to figure out what works for you and your hair. I then put in my leave-in conditioner and then start my skin care routine which I will do a post on later on because I just added a new product and want to see how it works before putting out a post on it. After I finish that routine then I put on the my split end mender and this I do to prevent split ends for when I want to style my hair with heat. When I do use heat to style my hair I put in my blow dry cream after letting the split end mender sit for more then a minute. In the fall/winter I like to have my hair straight or curled because it is just easier for me since I have thick hair and a lot of it.

To straighten it or curl it I like to blow dry it straight first and then I curl it with my curling iron or I will do it with my flat iron sometimes or just go over it and leave it straight with my flat iron. It really just depends on how I am feeling that day. That usually is the routine that I follow and it works great for me. I would really recommend it if you are someone who struggles with damage, oily, frizz, or hard to handle hair. I hope that this helps and gives you some ideas and helps you out with that and as always you are amazing and you rock! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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