Farmer's Dog Review!

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Hey there everyone I hope you are all having a great day and week! I wanted to do something that is a little different from my usual posts and really start adding the things that I really use and have going on in my life so I decided to do a review of Magic's food. This is something that is near to my heart because as you know he is our baby and we only get him the best and want the best for him.

Okay lets get started! I have to start by saying that I really love doing things more natural that goes for everything in my life even though some things require me to do some more chemical stuff I think that the more natural I try to keep everything else then the better. All right, today I am going to be talking about the company that we use for magic's food and that is the Farmer's Dog! The idea behind this company is to bring healthy and natural food that is not pumped full of chemicals and byproducts. I mean we see Magic as our little baby and that is why we give him the best that we can find and he really likes the food that he has now. We have been giving it to him for about 3 months now and it he hasn't had a bad reaction to the food it is actually the opposite he has gained a healthy weight and has a nicer coat and is more active and energetic. He likes his food and he finishes his food and seems to enjoy it and of course we give him treats that are more on the natural side of course cause you know only the best for our baby.

I think that all in all it is a great switch because the meals that they send last for 8 weeks and sometimes longer like 10 weeks. The meals are all portioned out and really easy to split up and give him for breakfast and dinner. I like that all the ingredients are listed in plain English and really easy to understand when it comes to the ingredients list. I also love that the food comes made and frozen ready to put in the freezer till you need it and the fact that the insulation degrades under plain old water is great for the hippie in me. I really do love the food and the fact that the subscription can always be pushed out and held off. I also love that for any reason you can cancel any time.

Okay, with all that said I think that the Farmer's Dog is a win for us and it really works great on his sensitive little tummy. I love that his coat is great and that his overall health is doing great. I love this and I think that it is something that we are going to keep going with so that Magic can enjoy the best food for him. Well I hope that this helped if you are looking into new food for your dog and I will say that when we get another dog we are going to add more to the order and have the next dog we get live the life with Magic as our second little baby. Thanks for always coming back and till next time!


Silvia T.

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