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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hey there everyone I am back with a new post!Today I am going to be talking about fertility and how the journey has gone for us. A fertility journey is different for everyone and for us it is no exception. I hope that while reading those who have been or are still on this journey know that you are not alone and that you are loved and supported! I would like to start a group or groups depending on who wants to start it. Anyway, lets get right to it shall we...

Alright so we have been on this journey going on 4 years now and there has been many road blocks along the way. I have managed to get healthier and healthier and have come to a place where I am no longer as heavy as I once was. I am so much smaller and getting to be so much better with what I put into my body as well. I love feeling better and not feeling so sluggish or heavy because I don't know about anyone else but when I gain weight I can feel it in the way that my body moves. I am very intone with my body.

This is all part of the fertility journey but anyone who wants to get pregnant needs to be healthy and really keep their health in check if they are trying to get pregnant and have been trying for a while. I always suggest to anyone who asks for my opinion go get a full check up and full blood work from your doctor and make sure that you are healthy all the way around. Talk to your doctor and be honest and open with them about everything!! I do mean everything like your diet, your activeness, you sex life, everything that you can think of because if you aren't honest then your doctor will not be able to come up with the best plan of action for you. My second recommendation is always ask your regular doctor about a fertility specialist they can refer you too! The fertility doctor will be able to really get in there with your blood work and tests and everything. Bring copies of all of that stuff for the fertility specialist. This way they can give you a definite plan of action based on what is going to work for you.

Our fertility doctor has done just that with us. He put us on a strict diet and has kept us from eating bad. This is a more natural approach according to him and after this month is up we will be going from there. I will probably do a video on it for my IGTV so if you would like to get even more details then please follow me on Instagram and Rumble so that you can keep up with my journey! This is the first step and if this works for us he will keep up going on this kind of diet and probably add in some fertility drugs like clomid to help us conceive and then the next step is to see whether or not we can have sex naturally to get pregnant or we need more help by doing an insemination! This journey has been a long one from not being on the same page to getting my appendix taken out to finding out I had Uterine Fibroids to getting pregnant and going into pre-term labor at 17 weeks and having to say goodbye to our little angle, to getting the Fibroids removed to going through all the healing and getting healthy from that to this point now, where we are seeing a fertility doctor and having a plan of action. Trust me if you have a partner or people in your life who really care about you chances are that they are going to go on this crazy journey with you and they are not going to agree with everything that you need to do.

There will be fights and there will be tears and there will be emotions like depression, hope, sadness, happiness, determination, reluctance, peace, and doubt along with a huge host of other emotions that will pop up and that is where you have to remember that there is a plan and even if you can't see it now that does not mean that it is not there for you to go through. Trust me when I say this is something that everyone goes through and even if they do not talk about it much it is still there and you are not alone. I will keep up dating you all on what is going on with me so that you can follow along on this journey with us! I hope this helps you to feel like you are not alone and you are not out of your mind for going through this trust me and you will get there one day you just have to hold on to your faith and your hope.

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Silvia T.

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