Girl, what are eating?

Hey there guys! I am back with another one on everyones favorite subject and that is health! I have been asked how did I get back into shape and how am I maintaining it? Well, let me tell you I do that with difficulty sometimes but I am able to do it even if I have some junk food every now and then. I can say that my weakness is chips! I love chips and if I could eat them all the time and not get any acne or gain any weight then I would eat them all the time. Let's be honest here people.

I drink one cup of coffee black in the morning and the rest of the time I drink water at room temp or hot with lemon in it! I try to pick healthier options and keep things at a good portion size. I also work out and that makes it so that my metabolism speeds up which means that I am always eating. I eat all the time cause I eat from 4-6 times a day 3 meals and snacks in between. I don't really stick to a strict diet because and I am being honest here I don't stick to them because I don't like to diet. I find it easier to make healthy choices and try to stick good portion sizes. I do slip and eat junk but that is not often. I did do a diet that my fertility doctor put me on and that was a no carb and no added sugar diet and it was not something that I liked at all. I ended up switching to a low carb no added sugar diet because I couldn't keep it up especially not with my mood swings from the lack of carbs. I also try not to eat late so between 6:30-7 is my last meal at the very very latest I eat by 8 and no later because I don't like feeling so full when I lay down to go to bed. I do the intermittent fasting style of eating which means that after my last meal I only drink water and like my doctor said to me it is okay to go to bed a little hungry.

That is how I keep my diet on track and try to get to a healthy weight so that I can stay in good shape and be healthy enough to get pregnant and lose the weight when I do get pregnant. I love being active and staying healthy it overall makes me feel better. Well that is all I can think of right now and I want to get to know you guys and get you guys to tell me all about how you stay healthy. Thank you for all the love and coming back to read what is going on with me. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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