Its a new year!

Hey there everyone hope you are all having a great day and that you are setting positive intentions for your new year like I am. I am trying to keep my intentions positive and have all that I keep in my life positive. I am hoping that this year may be a new better year for us. Well I hope that you are all going to have a better year and it is going to be easier on all of us. In the meantime I have set some goals for myself and want to make them happen and I have already started taking steps for that so that I can make all things I have set to accomplish come to life.

I hope that all of you have still been able to set some goals for yourselves and know that it doesn't matter how big or small the goals are they are still things you want to accomplish and they matter!

Well I have to say that my New Years was not anything to go on and on about it was spent at home like everyone else. We ate and spent the night watching movies and I made my intentions clear for what I wanted in the coming year. That is that I set goals and created a routine that I wanted to stick to so that I could change up how I felt on a daily. I was feeling bogged down and not as healthy as I use to feel. I hope that even though you all had a different kind of night this year it was still a good time and I hope that you were all safe and healthy. We had fun just being home and being happy just enjoying each others company.

Well this is a short and simple post and I hope you are all having a great start to the year! Always remember that you are all good and amazing souls. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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