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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey there everyone, hope you are all doing great today. I hope you are all having a great day and you are all staying as positive as you can! Today I want to talk about what keeps me inspired and how I power my creativity and keep all of that going to do my blog or keep working on my stories and all that. I hope that this gives some of you some ideas on keeping your inspirations alive.

Okay, so here is my first tip: write things down when on a notepad or in your phone when you first get the idea or record a voice memo which makes things easier. I tend to do this when I have really cool dreams and want to build on my creativity I use the voice memo on my phone, so that I can go back and build on it. These recordings or written down ideas help the creative juices flow for me when I need them. I also write out the topics for my blog posts so that it is easier when I go to write out new posts and plan out my month for the bog because I like to try to plan things out a month ahead of time. With that said I also write posts out as they come organically as well. This approach also works for when I am writing a story out as well and it helps when I flesh out the characters on paper and getting the details hammered out as well so I'm not all over the place and the story makes sense.

My second tip is for when you have burned out: here it is! Take a break!!!! Burnout is something very real and when you get it you hit the wall hard. I like to take a break when I have writer's block or can't come up with ideas for my social media or taking pictures or content or anything really. I am a work horse, by nature, so I will go until I can no longer go anymore. I tend to hit that burn out wall hard and when I do I take a break. When I take a break, I go for a walk, work out, meditate, watch tv or movies, listen to music, or just do something all together different from what I was doing, or I just do nothing and relax. All these things help me take care of the burn out and when I get the rest that I need it works well to help me reset and get the juices flowing easier.

My last tip is: do things your own way and work on the things that work for you! This is the most important thing that I follow because when I have seen people teach content creation I know that it doesn't work for me. I take all the content creation courses that I have attended as more of tips like this post. I take all these tips and mash them together to make up my own way of creating content and I put it all into action. I have always done things my way and being flexible enough to find new ways of doing things on my own in my own way. This is the one tip that I think everyone should keep in mind if you take one thing then take that tip. I can say that doing things in your own way on your own terms is the best thing for you and anything else that you do. Do things your own way and on your own terms!

Well, those are the tips that I wanted to give you guys and I want to say thank you again to everyone for coming back or if you are new for joining me for this new post. Thank you everyone! Till next time.


Silvia T.

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