Monthly Reflection October!

Hey, everyone so I hope that you all are having a great day and staying healthy and safe. I hope that you all had a great month and I would love to say thank you for coming back to join me for another post. Today I wanted to do a monthly reflection post because it just feels good in my soul to do these posts and I just love it. All right, so let's get started with what I thought about this last month and how it went for me.

This month went pretty normally and it was very much spent indoors but it was very nice to just get to be inside and hang out and get the first couple of days where it felt like fall for Southern California. I spent most of my time at home and really just FaceTimed when I wanted to see people and just really stay healthy and since I have taken a break from all the fertility stuff with testing or with really just doing anything that is baby related. I came to the decision of needing a break because it is a lot of strain and stress which I think I put on my self to try to force the pregnancy to come. I have been thinking that there is some time that I need to take for myself and just really be myself and really start to remember that the universe will bring to me all the things that are suppose to be in my life right now. I know in my soul that we will have children but it will come and it has taken a lot of time for me to finally accept that and truly be able to let that into my life. I also spent the month planning out things for the holidays that are coming up like halloween which was so much fun. This year we had a little party for the kids in the back yard and did not go out on the town trick or treating because none of us felt comfortable enough to take the kids out. Which brings me to the fact that we had a party for the kids in the back yard at my in laws house and we all had a blast.

I am keeping up with my soul work and really keep going with my manifestation work and also keep my zen in check. I have been doing a lot and I am getting back on my health and fitness stuff so get ready for some of those posts too on here and on my instagram. I also voted and let me tell you this time it seemed like the research that I did took me forever to get through all the information. For those of you sending me your beautiful supportive messages because October is pregnancy, infant, and child loss awareness month and I shared that with everyone and just wanted to say thank you for all the messages that everyone sent me and I would like to encourage you to keep this message going and really keep this in the public eye and make it something that is not something that we have to suffer with in silence. I am really happy that I shared my story with everyone and that is because I think that I needed to share it so that I could really keep moving on my healing process. This month was pretty chill for the most part and now we are in November and it seems so crazy that the year is almost over! That is wild and just so mind blowing how fast the end of the year is coming when the whole first part of the year felt like it took so long to go by. I guess that is what it is like when you are forced to stop from being on the move so much and then things start moving even just little more.

I do have to say that this has been a year for the books and it is crazy how we have all gone through all of this. Well, I would say that all in all my month was not bad and for me at least was pretty much the same as before. Okay, so that is all for todays post and I just want to say thank you again and you rock and are so amazing. Till next time!


Silvia T.

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