Motivation is key!

How do you stay motivated? How do you keep your spirits up daily? How do you stay productive? I can tell you how I do it! Ready,...okay here we go I change things up everyday! I only do a few things that are consistent on a daily basis. I do things to keep me motivated and make me feel good. I start to work out or move around and there is a routine that I try to keep with a few things in it like get up in the morning do my skin care and get ready for the day and then have my coffee and answer emails and as of a couple days ago I have started to incorporate meditation into my routine.

I try everyday to play some music that will keep me motivated and try to get my work done in the early morning so that I have the rest of the day to myself so I can go about everything else I do. I am a housewife now who works from home completely. I am working on lots of new things and I hope to be starting some new projects as well this year. I really try to do my best to center myself because I have to say burn out is no joke! I say that because I have burn quite a few times in my life and when that happens then I end up spending a few days trying to recover. I am now trying to take the weekends off and make that non-negotiable for myself and my family. To me having a set type of schedule is the key to finding balance, happiness, acceptance, joy, and peace.

In all the crazy mess that is going on it can be hard to stay motivated and keep on track with your productivity. The things you do to keep yourself on track are going to be different for each person. I suggest doing and finding things that work for you and your life. The things that I do work for me and they are good ideas to help you guys stay on track with your productivity and motivation. I have a fully loader plate most of the time with work and with family and just life in general, so the things that I can do to help me stay on track is the best thing for me. Alright, guys I am going to be writing more and more posts so keep up to date by signing up for the site to stay on top of the new posts and projects that are going to come out from Life With Silvia (LWS). Alright, guys iso till the next one!


Silvia T.

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