My flashback to my Fight with Fibroids!

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Hey there everyone! I hope that you guys are all doing so well and I hope that you are all safe and healthy! Today I wanted to go over my story with fibroids and my fertility so far. Okay, so let's start with when I first got diagnosed with fibroids and that was about 4 years ago now. Then I had a lot and they were so painful for me. My periods were super painful and really heavy back then and I was use to my period leaving me in bed not being able to even walk to the bathroom so I tried to stay in bed during my periods. The reason for my fibroids is that my body has a hard time breaking down the estrogen I create correctly and this is not something that is uncommon about 50% of the worlds female population has fibroids and only 30% of that percentage has symptomatic fibroids. I have to say that fibroids are not cancer and you can live a full life with them but some like me who has symptomatic fibroids it is hard to do that.

I could feel how heavy that area of my body was through out the month as well so I could sometimes feel depending on the month I was having like I was carrying around a small sack of pebbles when I would work out or something and no matter how hard I hit the gym my stomach was forever bloated and I had that little pooch. It was really annoying and I changed everything from how I ate to how much rest I got and how I worked. I had to make lots of changed in my life with them which meant that there were things that I really couldn't do which made things suck even more for me. I was seeing a new GYN/OB and he insisted that we only keep an eye on them and see if they grew and that is what we did. Now I have to stress this to everyone and that is do not let your doctor bully you into doing something you are not comfortable doing. When I got pregnant two years ago I still had all the fibroids and at 17 weeks I went into preterm labor and my doctor told me that he thought it was the fibroids that caused it when in reality it was more likely the fact that I had SCH and back then I didn't know that was more then likely caused my preterm labor. Well, anyway when that happened my doctor said that I needed to have them removed with a myomectomy which is where they cut you like a c-section and cut the fibroids one by one. My surgery was not bad but I did have some complications since I bled to much during the surgery and my doctor thought I would need a blood transfusion afterwards. I had the surgery and did not have complications with healing but it did take almost a full year for my body to get over it completely.

Flash forward to now, I healed from the surgery but I have a new fibroid on the back of my uterus and that is because I say they are like strep throat and that means that once you get it you have a higher chance of catching it again. Same can be said about fibroids in the sense that once your body starts to make them there is always a chance that your body with keep making them. I am working with a fertility specialist now and he is very confident that we will not have a problem again with fibroids invading on the pregnancy. Well when we do finally get pregnant that is, we are now on 4 years of trying with 1 loss and trust me it is super hard for us but if we stay positive and always remember that we have options then I am sure that one day we will get that BFP and all of this will have all been worth all the pain and tears and everything that we have put into this. If you think even in the slightest that you might have fibroids then please ask your doctor for an ultrasound because that is how they are detected and they look like black masses on and in your uterus. Always go to your check ups and get to know your body and keep an eye on what your body does and if anything feels off then go to your doctor. Well thanks for coming back to spend some time with me and thank you! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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