Premama Review!

Hey there everyone hope you are having a great day! Hope you are all safe and healthy! Okay, so today I will be reviewing the fertility mix for water from Premama and I have to say this is not a sponsored post I just want to give an honest review on it and how it worked with my body and all that good stuff because there was not much online when I tried to look into it. First off, I have to say that everyone's body is different and everyone's body will react differently to the same product which is why I always feel like I am always taking a leap of faith when I am using anything like this! Please get to know your body and trust and listen to your body to figure out if this works for you and trust that you know what is best for you!

Okay, let's get into it so I am going to start with what I bought and why. I bought us the Premama stage 2 conceive for her and him drink mix. This is a multivitamin that was created for both ends of the partners on for her and one for him to help you down your path to having that BFP. This is a more natural way to do that and no I am not a doctor so if you are thinking of trying it but have questions then ask your doctor about the product so that you can make sure it is going to work with your body. Always remember that everyones body is different and what works for one person might not work for the next person. This product is vegan as well for those who want to stick to that. All right, the packing and how the product came is what I want to talk about next. I bought it online and the package came quickly and was very secure on the outside. The packs are individually packed and it is a 30 day supply for her and him and this is the second step in their products. The first being a cleanse that you would take to clean your body out of birth control chemicals so that you can start fresh when you start trying. I have been off birth control for a long time now and I have done lots of cleansing to my body especially in the last year so my hubby and I just moved on to the next step. In this step there is a pack of two products as I mentioned before which are for her and for him cause it works best if both of you are doing all you can if that is your situation of course you can always just do one or the other it just depends on your situation. Now, the one for her has no taste which I love because I stir it into my morning cup of water or I also stirred it in to my morning hot coffee once and it worked fine, but I think it worked because of the heat which broke it down quickly. On the packaging it just says that you can drink it with water or any non-carbonated drink. For him it is a strawberry vanilla flavor which my hubby did not mind at all and said he actually like now I mention this because I know that there are some who do not like flavors so that is something you might want to consider because you have to take it everyday.

He would drink it with food cause he and I both deal with sensitive stomachs so he said it worked better for him like that and for me as well. Now the hubby is taking the 30 day supply but as for me I have to test for ovulation with the packs so we know when is the most crucial time to do that baby dance. Since I have to test with my OPKs (ovulation prediction kit) I am only taking the mix until I get a positive test and then I am stop taking it. I am trying to keep my cycle as natural as possible so that is why I only take it until then because I know some things can mess with your cycle if they are too strong for you and your body. I have read so many stories of women taking this mix and it throwing their cycle off or them not ovulating so you just really have to get to know your body really well. That was the main side effect that I was looking for if I was going to have any but I didn't notice any side effects and since my body is really sensitive to anything that I put into it I notice really easily.

I didn't feel or notice anything so for me there was no problem but again I cannot stress enough that you need to know your body really well to notice the things your body is doing. I think that this is a great product for you to use to get you cleaned out and ready to do your best to conceive naturally I mean even though I was really scared that I would end up having a problem with my cycle being thrown off I still took the risk and started taking the mix and said well lets try it and see what happens. It has down what it was suppose to do and I think it was a good risk to take on our part. We are both doing all that we can on our own before we have to go back to see the fertility doctor. I really want to conceive naturally so this is a chance that I am willing to take. For the hubby he agrees with me and he did have a side effect when he drank the mix on an empty stomach and ended up throwing up so he made sure to have it with food which made the upset stomach disappear. Other then that he was happy with it and I think we will do it again.

Well, I hope that this helps anyone that is thinking of taking the mix so that you can make a safe and healthy decision for yourself and your partner if that is the case. Thanks for coming back and spending some time with me and always remember that you are amazing and you are a wonderful soul and if you want a baby the road you take to get there is not wrong and no one should ever make you feel bad for wanting to have a baby the way that you want to have one. Till next time!


Silvia T.

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