Quarantine mornings!

Hey there everyone hope you are all having a great day. Okay, so today I am going to be writing about my mornings and how they have changed now during everything that has happened this year. This will be 1 of 2 posts and the second post will be my nights since I know that you guys like these kinds of posts. Let's dive in!

Okay, so my mornings start really whenever I wake up but the last month or so I have been trying to get up as early as I can so that I can workout and get things done sooner and to be honest when I sleep past 10:30 it is like I am going to waste my whole day. All right, so I start my day with a workout because I am such a cracky bi*** if I don't and not even coffee can help that. I am that person that needs to work out everyday when I start working out cause it just makes my day better and I feel so good about myself. I have been really getting into yoga again and I absolutely love it! After 30 minuets of yoga I then do at the most 20 minuets of meditation and trust me that has done wonders for handling my depression and being stuck in the house and it helps out with my stress and to relax me which comes in handy through out my day and when I lay down to sleep.

After my yoga and meditation I take the dog for a walk if my husband hasn't already and depending on that I make breakfast right away or after that. I like to make breakfast for me and have Magic eat his food at the same time as me. I also have to have my coffee and during this whole time I have still not checked my emails or social medias or anything. I read the news or I watch it on tv while I finish my coffee after I finish my small breakfast. I usually eat a bagel with cream cheese and a grapefruit for breakfast with coffee so my meals are usually not that big as you can tell. Then when that is done I go and take a shower after saying hello to my husband who is home by this time.

After my shower I do my skin care cause your girl does not like having skrin! For those of you who know me and those who are new you will find that I am big on skin care. I take very good care of my body and my skin since I had a rough few years with my health. I can say that the sooner you start with your skin care the better your skin looks. Also, let me explain skrin it is what I call skin that is not taken care of and being someone who suffered with bad cystic acne when I was growing up I am very aware of my skin. Skrin to me means ragedy skin which is skin that is not taken care of! That is just how I see things and does not apply to everyone nor does it ever have to but if you want to have good skin then do the work to take care of it. That is all I am going to say about that.

Well after all that depending on the day then I wait for like 30 minuets and put on makeup and if I have no errands to run or no content to create then I am bare faced and trust me that is not much different because I take good care of my skin. Then I will sit down and work after that is done. This brings us to around noon and I will start answer emails and messages and look at my notification on my social medias and get whatever I have to do for the day that day done like meetings or editing or what not. Then I have what ever I am feeling for lunch with water to be honest I really do not drink very much else.

This is half my day and the whole time I am also dealing with family and doing whatever chores around the house that can be handled quickly and speedily. I try to keep myself on a routine because it helps me do all the things that I need to do. Like work and exercise and bills and family time and all that. I tend to stay off work stuff until I am ready for it when I start work because I have found for myself especially now that if I give myself time for that stuff then I do not feel super overwhelmed and my stress levels stay low which is a big thing for me more so now while we are trying to get pregnant. Well that is it for now, but I will be adding the next post of my day in the second post. I hope that you all enjoyed this and I thank you for always coming back and if you are new then thank you for joining me. Till next time!


Silvia T.

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