Quarantine nights!

Hey there everyone! Welcome back to a new post on the blog! I hope everyone is having a great day and a great week so far. Okay, so this is the second part to the post called quarantine mornings. I will be picking up here from noon to when I go to sleep. This is going to be a short one I think haha. I will try to make it short but who knows.

All right lets get to it, so at around noon depending on the day I work till around 4 or 5 pm and then start to make dinner. Making dinner depends on what I feel like having or what my family has requested I make for them. When dinner is ready we sit down at the dinner table and eat our dinner together with no cell phones to interrupt and we just sit and talk about everything that we have see done that day or whatever we find interesting at the moment. I find this funny because it seems like before quarantine most people I think because they were so busy didn't really have the time to sit around the table the way that they do now. I love that we have always done that since I was a kid. My parents made sure that we had dinner together and that has stuck with all of us and always will.

Right after dinner or right before I sit down I make lunch for my husband and before my sister and then put it in their lunch bags. Again during dinner I give Magic his dinner and the brand of food that he eats is Farmer's Dog! It is the best brand that we have found he loves and that he has really shown us that he enjoys. After that I clean up the kitchen and then go do my skin care for the night and then take Magic out for the night before we go to bed. I suffer with insomnia so I do like to have tea most nights so that it helps me relax and while I drink it I watch some tv or YouTube. After that I get to bed and lay down I try to get to bed before my husband goes to work so that I can lay with him in bed for a while I fall asleep. okay, so this finishes up my day and what I usually get up to during my days in quarantine. I hope that you all enjoyed these last 2 posts and thank you all for coming back to read each new post. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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