Quaratine Life!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Hey there everyone! Hope that during this time you are all getting along well and staying safe. Well, it finally happened I broke down and decided to write a post on what is happening here in SoCal. It has not been a big change for me. I work from home so for me its not that different and I have a daily routine that I am able to maintain.

The only things that have changed very much is that I cannot go out and sit in a cafe or anything like that. I am okay with how things are right now because I am sharing lots of time with my family and getting content planned out and ready to put out. Right now I am ready to have things out and ready to go with my team from the beauty company we work with and my blog and the social media work I do and all that. I am actually going to see the good in the quarantine because that is all I can do. Making the most of a not great situation is something I am good at and I have perfected that and learned how to say okay well sometimes things happen and you just have to flow with it. I think that is a very healthy way to looking at things and that is just my opinion.

I am making the most of this time by taking my things for my work and my blog and trying to only go out when I have to go out. What I mean by that is if I need to buy groceries or things like shower gel or anything like that. I am doing my part to keep to the rules of the quarantine so that this can be over sooner rather than later. I miss my family especially our godson but we all need to go with the rules and work together to get through this. At least that is how I feel and what I think and just like you I am entitled to my own opinion. Well for now I am going to be writing for this post. I hope you are all make the best of this time that we have to be quarantined and helping to work together to get this over with a lot sooner rather than later. All right everyone, till next time.


Silvia T.

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