Rain doesn't last ever!

Hey there guys! Hope you are all having a great week so far! I hope that you are all staying healthy and safe. Okay I wanted to talk about when I have bad days and how I see things with that. This is all going to be coming from my perspective and I would like for you all to understand that and not judge me on how I see things.

All right here it goes, so I say this is not going to last forever and things will get better one day. I hope that we are able to work things out and really work on bettering not just ourselves but others as well. I know that times right now are hard for everyone and that with all that has happened this year it is hard to see the good things that are coming, but take it from someone that has to work hard not to let her depression take hold of her everyday life. I hope that we are able to move forward from this and put a more positive spin on the year. I do what I can to stay positive like watching what ever I want or writing this blog or playing video games or doing at home work outs or taking my dog for a walk. I suggest this for any one who is having a hard time and is just wanting to be in a better mindset and in a happier place. Also, something you can do right now is have zoom meetings with people that you like to hang out with and can't hang with right now it really helps and it is really nice to see everyone or do FaceTime that is great too.

I have been having a hard time this year in my own life but I have been working hard to stay positive and keep my world up beat. I have been struggling with my fertility treatments but it will be okay because when it is our time it will be our time and it is it will be one of the greatest moments of our life together with so many more to come. Just like everyone else I have been be cautious and have been doing what I have to do and I am grateful to be healthy and able to stay home with no problem. I hope that everyone else is staying safe and is doing what they can to stay healthy. Hope this helps brighten your day. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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