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Hey there everyone, hope you are all doing great today and having a good day! Okay, so today I wanted to talk about one of the things that I do for work again! As I have mentioned before I have multiple streams of income and currently I am also working on other projects and preparing to take a couple things off my plate to replace them with something else. I am going to be focusing on what I do in the realm of Social Media! If you follow me on Instagram or twitter then you know that I am always active and really determined to make my life the kind of life that I look forward to getting up for every morning. I mean why have your own business or why start something that you have always wanted to do if you don't enjoy what you are doing, right?! Also, this will also probably be a series of a few posts. Let's get started with everything.

With that being said I a big believer in find what you love and try to find out if you could make money doing to enrich your life not just on a financial level, but also on a spiritual, mental, soulful, and emotional level as well. Also, I have to add this in, can it enrich the lives of those around you and can you help others in some way what ever that way is, for me it would be being of service to others. I love that I get to blog full time and that I work with marketing and have the oppurtunity to really build on the things that I want to build on like my brand and all the other projects that I want to get off the ground. I will be doing a separate post on all of the things I am doing when they are finally up and running off the ground.

For now, let's just focus on the social media marketing that I am doing for businesses and brands and all that. Let's make this the first post and lets start with the first couple points that I want to touch on and that is making all your social profiles business profiles and there is a reason behind that. The reason that is most prevalent is because you can reach a high number of clients and you can really see what kind of marketing you should have to work for you and your business. Keeping track of what your audience sees and what you are doing to bring attention to your business and brand is a great tool. It also helps when you can keep track of your growth. That part of all is easily automated when you use social media and make all your profiles business profiles. The next thing is to be able to see how people respond to your story and the story that you are telling when you are building your brand.

This is a good first step and of course there is so much more that goes into building your brand and business from the ground up. One more tip that I will give for this post is if you do not know where to go from here then find someone that can help you with the next step. I cannot stress this enough get help if you do not where to go so that you do not end up doing a lot of extra work that is unnecessary for you to do and in reality just wastes your time, which is not what we want. The reason we do not want to waste time is because and say it with me: MY TIME IS MONEY AND WASTING MY TIME IS ME LOSING OUT ON MONEY AND VALUABLE EFFORTS ON NOTHING!

I always suggest making the investment to build your brand and business because what ever money you put into it you can claim as a write off for taxes and help build your company and brand. That is what a real hustler does and how millionaires see things. They invest in what they make to make it even better! All right I am going to call it here for this post for now and the next one will be a couple tips on content creation and setting a posting schedule but for now don't forget to subscribe to the blog to stay up to date! Till next time.


Silvia T.

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