The Clomid Struggle is real!!!!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Life with Silvia and I am happy that you stopped by to see what I am up to now. Alright, today I am going to be talking about (yes you guessed it) Clomid! The reason I am writing about this is because if you have been keeping up with my instagram then you will know that we started seeing a fertility doctor. He is an amazing doctor and I will link him in the post so that you can go a head and check him out if you would like. I do not know if he takes non-refferals since we were reffered to him. You can just call and talk to the staff they are very nice and attentive! We love them there! Also, for those of you who do not know what Clomid is I will leave a link down below for you to read up on it!

Alright so I just ended my clomid cycle and I went from days 3-7. Now there are a lot of side effects for Clomid that you can experience but I think that is going to depend on your body and your health. My body takes really well to medication even though I burn through it really fast because (according to my doctor) I metabolize it really quickly due to my high metabolism. Now if I have to do this again I will probably have to go up in dosage but I will leave that to my doctor to decide because he is the expert not myself.

This time around I did not have to many symptoms and since I have never taken it before I have nothing to compare it to. Anyway, I haven't too many symptoms but I have had a few like: slightly warmer body temp, a little bit of my mood being off, hunger, exhaustion, a slight headache, and needing to be in bed and sleep earlier than usual. Now that I have taken my last pill we can focus on making the baby and there is also some more that the doctor wants to do but I might get into that in another post for now I will stick to the Clomid. I hope that this works and we will not have to try anymore because I have been told by the doctor that multiple babies is a big possibility with Cloimd but you just never know. I have to go see if my eggs are ready to go after this and all that jazz. I hope this is it!

From what our doctor said we are almost there from how my body and his body look and that we might need a little push and that's it, so I am hoping and praying that that really is the case for us. I have hope and faith that things are going to work out for us in the baby department and I know that eventually we are going to adopt just not at the moment! I think we want to get a few more things cleared up first and then maybe talk about starting the process of adoption. It is a long process and expensive as well so we want to wait on that. For now we want to try to be pregnant and I feel like being on the Clomid that is definitely a big possibility!

Fingers crossed everyone that after almost four years the Clomid works for us and if not then we can always try again next month. Well I am pretty tired now so I will be going to sleep. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again. Till next time!


Silvia T.

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