Welcoming the New Year!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Alright, welcome to the New Year, 2020 is going to be one hell of a great year! I would like to know what everyone else is hoping for this year? I would also like to know your goals this year? What do you have coming in the year 2020, it can be any bit of positive news, so what is it? What are you going to bring with you in 2020 and what are you leaving behind? What kind of year do you want to have? I want to know all about these things and more, so lets see those answers!!

This year for me, I am working to be a better version of myself with new growth spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and being healthy physically! I am going to do that by learning new ways of accepting who I am and who others are around me and being of service to those that I can help by leading by example and showing them a way to love and accept themselves and others so that they can be kinder to themselves and others around them. I want to make sure that the people that I come across and help others show off their talents and what their small business is made of and be able to have a type of support system as well.

Here is my tip for Health: make a change but make this change something that is attainable like drink 1 regular size bottle of water throughout the day for a week and then the next week make it 2 bottles till you work your way up to 1 gallon of water. Make this something that you can do. This goal doesn't have to be a huge change, just make it something small that fits your lifestyle. I cannot stress enough to make this something that fits into your lifestyle.

Here is my tip for emotional: find something that makes you happy and feel at peace and works with your lifestyle. What makes you feel good? For me, it's working out, meditation, and listening to music. Do what makes you feel good about you.

Here is my tip for spiritual: if you enjoy praying then pray! If you enjoy listening to self-help podcasts then do that. If you like to go to be in nature to get right with your spirit then go out into nature. The point of this is to do something that you love and makes you feel in balance with you. I usually listen to a podcast, meditate, and or just hang out with my family and my dog.

Here is my tip for mental: find something that keeps you mentally stable and does not make you feel like you are less than. I like to take a break from all social media and just spend time with the people I love hanging out with like family and friends. My break helps me get right in my thought process and helps me remembered how blessed and that I live a good life. That helps with my mental health especially since I am someone who deals with depression. Do something that makes you feel happy and if you cannot find something then find someone to talk to so that you can find something that makes you feel better about you.

With all of this I am sure that all of you will have your own way of doing things and these are just my tips for welcoming in the New Year. What do you do to welcome in the New Year? How do you celebrate the New Year? When do you celebrate the New Year? I want to know all about you guys and how you celebrate where you are. Tell me about yourselves in the comments and if it is too long of a response then send it to me in the messages section of the page.

Hope you all have a great year and have many blessings come your way in whatever aspect of your life, you want it to come to you! Till next time guys!


Silvia T.

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