What is new on the blog!

Hey there guys! Well as you can see this post is all about what is new on the blog! There are going to be some changes and I am so looking forward to them and all that they are going to bring for you all. I am always working on bringing new things and new content to you all and I hope that during this time at home you all are enjoying my blog and what I am bringing to you.

I am going to start uploading so much more and now I am not embarrassed to put them out there because it is part of who I am and if I want to make acceptance go viral then I need to start by accepting myself and all that makes me who I am. I love to create content and help people feel like they are not alone in the world because we are not! People everywhere have some one some where in the world that can relate to them and if I can help them find their tribe then that is what I want to do.

As I write this from bed with my pup in my lap I have come to the realization that the content that I create is worth more then I ever thought it would be because I know what I bring to the table and what I am able to offer people, so whether it is offering some beauty advice or lifestyle advice or fertility advice or business advice or marriage advice it is all valuable because I give it in gratitude and kindness and acceptance, and I always will.

I will be adding more and I hope that we can get things moving and I hope that you can help me to continue to create and build and be able to bring you guys great content and be able to bring you acceptance and everything that comes with it. Thanks for all that you all bring to my life! Till next time!


Silvia T.

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