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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Hey there everyone, hope you are all having a great day and really having a great week. Today I am going to do another post to go along with my spiritual theme and I am going to be adding a few links if any of you are interested. These kinds of things are for fun and in no way am I telling anyone to follow all that I am doing or anything like that. I do this kind of stuff for myself and I like it for me.

Today I am going to be talking about my sign sun, moon, and rising! You are probably asking now what am I talking about and well, I am talking about your horoscope and what things are made up parts of who you are. I will start with mine and how I found out what they were and then I will explain what they mean. Mine are: Taurus sun, Libra moon, and Sagittarius rising. These were the signs that were out and around the day I was born at the time I was born. The way that I found them was through a link to an astrology site which is linked here. I found mine and it was really fun to see some of the traits that I do see in myself in the birth chart that I got from the signs that I was born under. I see it like this and that is if it resonates with you then enjoy and have fun with it.

I use the sanctuary app and the daily horoscope app along with reading a passage from the Bible app in the mornings. I like to also listen to music that is very relaxing to the mind and the body. I find that all this helps with my stress, anxiety, and depression. I also love because I guess naturally I am curious like all humans, it is our nature to be curious to whatever point we find comfortable. Now I am not saying that I mess around with anything dark I just like to read these things for fun. I know some people are not okay with me believing in all this or liking it all and I know this because I was raised as a straight catholic and whether people agree with me, I think that it all goes hand in hand because if God made all things then who is to say God did not do these things for us as well. That is just my thought and my opinion and everyone can have their own.

I see that the world is made up of energy and that we all have something in our hearts that is always searching for more now whether that is religious, spiritual, or nothing like any of these at all that is for you to figure out for yourself. I hope that you all enjoy yourselves if you are on your spiritual journey now and that you all work to end up in a beautiful place. I love the traits that I feel like go along with my signs, like stubbornness which seems like a bad thing but it really isn't all the time. People have been taking things from their zodiac for centuries and it has been brought on for the purpose of helping us find our way to our path. My traits have brought me the right path, but it is my job to stick to the path and not force the world to bend to my will because I do not have that power, that is where my stubbornness comes in. It helps me stick with the things that I want to stick with and safeguard the things that are most precious to me by not doing things without thinking about them first.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to check out your signs and read about your astrology, then I would say check out the link it is free and is just for fun. Thanks for always coming back to join me. Till next time.


Silvia T.

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