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Hey there everyone, hope you are all having a great day and staying healthy. Okay, today I want to talk about how my writing is going and what I like about it. Well, as you might have guessed I start writing again on a story platform and that is something that I have always wanted to do. I love creative writing and have always been pretty good at writing and drawing people in to my writing when I am creating a story. I love to give people a short break from their lives to live in the world of my characters. I like to write fictional stories cause to me they give me so much freedom to create a world for my stories to live in.

I would love for everyone to read my newest story and support me by giving it a read which helps me out a lot. I have linked my story here and would love to share my world of fantasy with you. Now I will have to say that for me at least it is easier to share with people like this than it is to share face to face cause I still have a bit of stage fright and just want people to enjoy the finished product. I also just start on the project most times cause I like to stay busy. I am that person that writes things out by hand first and then starts to work on getting things done on the computer. I am just so happy to be able to express myself like this and if I was better at drawing then I would definitely start my own manga story but that is not my strong suit so I will stick to what I am doing. 😂

I have to say that the love and support that I have been getting so far is great and I am so grateful for all of it. I really hope that you can help support my stories and maybe find a way to get away from all the craziness that is going on for a little while. Thank you for all the love and support and I hope you guys all love the story as well. I will be adding new stories as well and I also try to upload everyday so that you can have the latest chapters of the story. This is really making me happy and I am just having a blast. I will make another post after this on how I go into creating the story and characters that I come up with for the stories. I would like to remind you guys that if you want to do something and you truly have a passion for it then just go for it. The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work out for you but then again what if it does work out for you and you become a great success in whatever it is you are doing? That is the thought that I look at now what if this does work out and I have lots of success in this?

I work hard everyday to think in a more positive light and really get to the root of the desired outcome that I want to see and that is having a large community to share with and encourage as well. That is what I hope to do with my blog, lash company, and stories. I hope that this gave you that little push that you needed or even just opened up your mind the thought of other possibilities because in this life we only have the life we are given and it is up to us to make the choices that help us shape the life that we want to have. Well, thanks for coming by and I hope that you always remember that you are an awesome rockstar! Till next time.


Silvia T.

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