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Meg started her company and here is what she has said about it!




Traveling and going on adventures has always been my passion since I was a little kid. Growing up here in Canada on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario and now in British Columbia, the outdoors is full of unique content. The content can vary from location of the town or city. Each place that I travel to has something special that is in moment and must be captured. Each captured photo has its own story to tell. The story and history expressed by the colours and the textures. 

The travel photography has been a base that I built Nomad Adventures Co on, but I started N.A.C. first before the photography. Which is funny because some my content posts inquire that. Slowly but surely both of my business has helped build each other up over the 2 years I have been running N.A.C. 

With starting the second business fully in May of this year, I started getting interested in creating a different form of content for that page and started creating YouTube videos over on my YouTube page. It allows me to capture and express the content in a new light. I love to edit and format content to where the expression comes more to life. Each post I edit and format, it allows me to share what happened during that moment as I was getting ready to capture it. 

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December 2019


Meg creator and founder of Nomad Adventures Photography and she is working to build the kind of life she wants! Please contact her through on of her outlets: 


January 2020


Betty is the founder and creator of Betty Sharp! Betty of Betty Sharp who is currently working towards having her own location, is currently at Manny's Barber shop in Long Beach Ca.

Febuary 2020


Alison founder and creator of Happpyal the journey of a blogger and artist

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MARCH 2020

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